Innovative Solutions 

Precision Excellence

Welcome to Sree Guru Precision Manufacturing Solutions, your gateway to cutting-edge manufacturing solutions that redefine precision and elevate your production capabilities. Established in 2022, we are a dynamic force in the industry, dedicated to serving the unique needs of the medical device sector and various other industries across India and around the globe.


With a focus on innovation and efficiency, our experienced team utilizes diverse prototyping techniques, ensuring the fast-track delivery of accurate representations of your designs. At SGPMS, we prioritize collaboration, offering a cost-effective and versatile approach that caters to various industries. Elevate your product development journey with us, where speed, precision, and excellence converge to bring your ideas to life.

Injection Molded Components

Explore the possibilities of injection molding with our expertise. We provide comprehensive solutions for molding processes, ensuring the production of high-quality, precision components.

Automation Solutions 

Embrace the future of manufacturing with our automation solutions. We tailor automation to streamline your production processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Electronic Components and Assemblies

Navigate the complexities of electronic assembly with our specialized services. Our team is equipped to handle intricate electronic components, ensuring the highest levels of precision and reliability. 

Machine Development

Our team excels in the design and development of precision machines tailored to your specific manufacturing needs. We strive to enhance your production capabilities with reliable and efficient machinery

Medical Device Complex Assemblies

Our team is equipped to handle Complex Medical Assemblies which are not limited to Mechanical components but also with respect to Complex Electronic Components such as control boxes, Camera Units etc.